I’m back! Thank you for your patience

As those of you who follow regularly or know me personally are aware, January was a hell of a month. December had my wedding and the family holidays, but January had several trips including my honeymoon and my beloved cousin’s 40th birthday. I tried to keep up with my blog, but you all know I failed dismally.

Now I’m back in the city and although I thought I’d wake up bright and early this morning and get down to some serious drawing, I opened my eyes to discover that my household chores had not taken a vacation like I had, but rather seem to have multiplied like randy bunny rabbits. After a morning of scrambling, to-do listing, e-mailing, accounting, double-checking and my first ever fresh-direct order (I’m in love, though my wallet is hurting), I finally am taking a breather to update my blog. And instead of illustrations I have LOTS of pictures to offer.

I spent 5 days in Toronto with my cousins, one of which (whom?) is an amazing cake-artist (here’s her site). I got to help with lots of fun things like making beer bottle labels on rice paper with edible ink to go on the amazing sugar bottles she made for her sister’s birthday cake. The final thing was AMAZING, and the amount of work it took for her to make this crazy latex mold and pour and turn the sugar … it’s just such a delight to watch professionals do super cool things.

You’ll have to forgive my terrible photography … I also got to help with a “yoga girl” cake by helping to mold the fondant. It’s a surprising material as the more you work with it, the softer it gets. It’s very unforgiving and you pretty much have to get what you want on the first try because if you keep fussing it will basically melt. We also made cute little circles with party hats and numbers on them while watching The Town (it’s nice to know other artisans entertain themselves with bad TV too!).

I start my FIT classes tomorrow and am super excited. Hopefully within the week I’ll be back into the swing of things and churning out some illustrations. I’m also super excited for this class I’m taking online with Pikaland, it starts in 2 weeks and is supposed to help me hone my style … which I could really use help on! Anyway, back to unpacking and laundry and invoices and chores, waaaah!

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